“If I had to go out, fear would show up and in fact I would have done anything to avoid contact with people, the gaze of people in the street. It puts me in a state that makes me howl, like the cleaning woman’s visit or a visit to the tax accountant…

The fact that visitors, man, woman or beast make me literally freak out is an understatement. First I suffer like a beast from agoraphobia….

Everybody knows that agoraphobia is hostility turned against the self.’

Louise Bourgeois : Interview with Robert Storr, 8 May 2006

‘Under stress of leaving the house – the old fears come back. Fear not to do enough, to disappoint… fear not to be able. Care of my chances, not to be able to do everything – fear to forget – petite fille in a “real world” – Robt (Robert Goldwater, her husband) says I expect great things and I am not.”

Louise Bourgeois : Diary, 4 Apr. 1969