The human body as a house. Tobias Cohen, Ma’aseh Tuviyah (1708), folio 106a. (Berman National Medical Library Hebrew University of Jerusalem.)


You may be wondering what’s this strange image? A house with its divisions and floors compared to a dissected human body. And how best to describe everything that epitomises a home? That’s impossible, so I’ll try a definition: Synonym /ˈsɪnənɪm/ HOME /həʊm/ A roof over one’s head. To make space for, shelter, keep safe. A home means something different to everyone.

A person may even consider his or her own body their only ‘true’ home.’ (Kenning June 24, 2005, Urban Dictionary)

I LIKE THIS Let’s say the idea of what is a house has strong associations with the body, with human thoughts and emotions. With life itself in other words. It’s about what happens within its rooms and how we interact with the people within them. THIS INTERESTS ME It has many similarities to the human body and how this works. Every room has its own function and associations. Like the human body, every room is intrinsically linked to everything else and within a system.